C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r   G a t o r   N a t i o n   C h e e r s

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South Carolina

 Gator Tom & Gator Sue, 
and my mom Vera who's joined you to.
Its Homecoming game, so let's win it for you.
We've had a tough year, but we've all hung together.
As good Gators do, in all kinds of weather.
We're gathered together, for the last time this year.
To send off the Gators, with our Tail-Gator Cheer.
It's fried chicken today, and through dogs disagree,
Onto Atlanta, and win the S.E.C. 


 Gator Tom & Gator Sue, It's Gator-Dawg Time so we're here for you.
It's been a strange season, we've been up and we've been down,
But you can throw out the records When the Dawgs come to town.
Dawg men will be drunk, Dawg women will be barking,
Let's hope for extra port-o-lets where we will be parking...
But Orange & Blue will prevail, Gator Faithful will cheer,
By the end of the 3rd quarter Dawg fans will disappear.
"We are the old boys" rings out in Alltell,
The only trace of the Dawgs is a cheap bourbon smell! 


 Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
We're down in the dumps, But we're here for you.
What's it gonna take to do a victory cheer,
I sure don't want to start with "Wait till next year..."
The team's got to pull together and show some Gator pride,
They need to play four quarters and stop this downhill slide.
So let's be loyal Gators and cheer the whole game through,
And if we do, it might be... the Tigers who get screwed! 


 Gator Tome & Gator Sue, and faithful Nikki, Who was true blue.
We're down from last week, but we're still here for you.
Rex said he was a night person, and boy did it show,
Offensive stats hit a new Gator Low.
Our one game cushion has done gone away,
There's no room for error in the the confernece today.
But the Bayou Begals hit the Swamp tonight,
Look, for the Gators to grow, they'll be no cat fight.
We control our own destiny, and we will say alive.
Thigers turn into kittens, Gators by at least twenty-five.


Gator Tome & Gator Sue, You were there at Tennessee, so we're here for you. 
2 weeks ago we were down but not out, 
"It's gonna, pour down if Knoxville Gators don't pout". 
Fat Fulmer's boys couldn't handle the rain, 
Vols coughed up the ball, Gators dished out the pain. 
But its Kentucky today, the Mildcats are here, 
We won't take them lightly, but sure won't show fear. 
Kentuck's 4 and oh. Soon to be 4 and 1, 
Gator defense will shine, the ol' Fun & Gun. 
Lorenzen limps off the field, at the end of the day, 
But don't be sad Jared there's the Taco Bell buffet. 


Gator Tom and Gator Sue, 
  We're hurting Gators, but we're here for you. 
Last week was awful, a true wakeup call. 
  This week we get healthy as the Bobcats Fall. 
A real game would be better,
  But we'll take what we get.
Don't give up on the Gators,
  It ain't over yet.
Ohio's here, a team not so weighty.
A tune up game, the Gator's by eighty.

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