C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r   G a t o r   N a t i o n   C h e e r s

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Florida State

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
The chop stops here & it stops for you.

(With apologies to John & Paul)

It's gonna be a Gator victory,
In a Bull Gator's Garden in the Swamp.
We're going in South End Zone's,
Where we've been.

In a Bull Gator's Garden in the Swamp.

We'll ask our friends to come and see,
A Gator victory, For you and for me.

In a Bull Gator's Garden in the Swamp.

It will get a little warm,
When the Gator defense swarms.
And Chris Rix is running for his life.
Our Fun & Gun is gonna be the one.

In a Bull Gator's Garden in the Swamp.

We will sing and dance around,
As Darnell Dockett, gets punded int he ground.
It's gonna be a Gator Victory,
In a Bull Gator's Garden in the Swamp.

We will shout as the Gator's swim about,
And the Noles start to slip beneath the waves.
It will be, a Gator Victory,
Dag Gummit even St. Bobby won't be saved.

We will be so happy you & me,
No Noles left to jeer at as they leave.
It's gonna be, a Gator victory,
In a Bull Gator's Garden in the Swamp.

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
a homecoming win served up for you.

(With apologies to THE KING)

Love your Gators, love them true,
Make UF your dream.
At our tailgate we declare,
We'll always love our team.

Love your Gators love them true,
Proclaim your loyalty.
The Gators will return our love,
and win the SEC.

Vandy's just a little tough,
They play well in the Swamp.
The bookies gave them 24,
Looks like a Gator chomp.

Love your Gators they're the best,
In your hearts be true.
If you do they'll stand the test,
Forever Orange & Blue.

Thank you, Thank you, very much.

(With apologies to Simon & Garfunkle)

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
Georgia women are barking, but they'll roll over for you.

An Autumn day, its an Orange & Blue November,
I'm not alone 

Staring from our tailgate to the dogs below,
As the piles of chicken bones & beer cans grow.
I am a Croc. I am a Gator.

Don't talk of dogs, well, I've heard them yelp before.
Their whining echos endlessly, 
We're here to crush their spirit.
We'll hear an alibi.
"If the dogs was at full strength,
They would won not died."
I am a Croc. I am a Gator.

I have Ron Zook, but, Strong's defense will protect me.
I'am shielded in my Gator Hide.
Striding to the stadium, Exuding confidence.
I fear no dog, but all dogs, they fear me.
I am a Croc. I am a Gator.

And a Croc feels no pain.
And a Gator never cries.
O l e  M i s s

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
Sometimes it's tough to be a Gator,
But well gut it out for you.

We awoke in the 4th quarter,
The offense moved at last.
An old UF tradition,
the down field forward pass.

Were eager for the kickoff,
Gator defense will attack.
Ole Miss Rebs limp off the field,
Another Manning sack.

Rebel yells heard at Oxford,
Were as loud as at BullRun.
The tide of battle's turning,
Now it's time for Gator fun.

The Reb's won one they shouldn't have,
and felt a power surge.
But Rebs this ain't Bull Run,
It's time for Gettysburg.

The South may rise again - but not today.

T e n n e s s e e

Gator Tom & Gator Sue, True Orange ain't from Tennessee,
True Orange comes with Blue.

With appolgies to Buddy Ebson

Come and listen to my story bout a man named Phil,
A fat fromer player couldn't climb up any hill.
Said Rocky Top is the place to be at last,
But halfway up the hill Fulmer blew it out his ....

Lard that is,
Pilsbury dough boy' Obese

We'll the first thing you know he's the coach at Tennessee,
The inbreds think that he'll bring them victory.
Said the Swamp in Gainesville is the place you want to play,
But there's a team there name the Gators who just might be in the way.

Orange and Blue that is,
Hostile crowd, Chomp!

They started all the tractors and they set out on the road,
A football team of ya hoos, and a coach shaped like a toad.
They though they might find heaven, what they found was Gator Hell,
Fat Fulmer left at halftime he was off to Taco Bell.

Excuses that is
The Swamp.

Only Gators Get Out Alive

Florida A & M

Gator Tom & Gator Sue, The Gator Faithful are here for you.
We're hurting Gators but we're here for you.

We went to the top of the mountain and got kicked off the other side,
You've got to play four quarters to take a victory ride.
That was last week, now A&M's here,
I think its ok for a Gator victory cheer.
Yes, its a tune-up game as we all understand,
But at least, at half time we've got the Rattler band.
Let's see a big Gator smile don't anybody frown,
And get ready for next week, when Fat Fulmer comes to town.

San Jose State

Gator Tom & Gator Sue, The Gator Faithful are here for you.
"With Apologies to Burt Bacharac"

Do you know the way to San Jose,
You've been her before, back in 91.
You said you could play with us then,
Final score 59-21.
I don't know why the Spartans keep on coming round,
The gators gonna stackem up & slapem down.
The Spartans think that they have a chance to win the game today,
You'll need at least 30 points, or be betting your paycheck away.
The Gators squash all Spartan hopes,
with a standard old cliche, No Way Jose.

Last Years Cheers