C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r   G a t o r   N a t i o n   C h e e r s

2 0 0 1     2 0 0 2     2 0 0 3     2 0 0 4     2 0 0 6     2 0 0 7     2 0 0 8


Gator Tom & Gator Sue, a brand new era and it’s here for you.
Super Steve left us and we got Ron Zook,
Zook had the ingredients, but he just couldn’t cook.
Now we’ve got Urban, so let’s clap our hands,
Coach Meyers gonna lead us to the Promised Land.
Last year was seven wins, this year at least eleven,
Wyoming’s the first, ten more equals heaven.
The Gators are excited, Urban’s created a sensation.
And a mighty roar comes forth, from the whole Gator Nation.

L O U I S A N A    T E C H

Gator Tom & Gator Sue, and Marge Schenone who’s joined you too.
The second game of the season, and we’re here for you.
Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Bulldogs we play’em three times this year,
But these aren’t the Athen Dawgs so don’t greet’em with a jeer.
From the land of death and destruction, 
they’ve still come to visit the Swamp, So let us welcome the La Tech Bulldogs to another Gator Romp. The Dogs will do their best, and mightily they’ll strive, But in the Swamp, we all know it’s true,
only Gators get out alive!


Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
The big Orange is here so let’s squeeze it for you.
Even with Ron Zook, we should have won last year,
But the Tennessee refs said "No, not up here".
The checkerboard zebras are still earning their pay,
Cause without them UAB would have carried the day.
Yes it’s the S.E.C. and Gators know the score.
Even up by twenty better pour on more.
Fulmer and his linemen are looking kinda fat.
Fat occupies space; Gator speeds where it’s at.
They’ll find out the hard way. The Swamp’s Gator Land.
When the big game is over Chris Leak leads the band.

M I S S I S S I P P I    S T A T E

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
Didn't expect to be here, so it’s a shout toast to YOU.
Phase two of dog games these are from MSU,
and the Gator’s better treat’em like a rawhide chew.
The S.E.C.’s alive attitude is still a factor.
Gator’s sing "We are the boys"
The dog’s will fire up their tractors.

With Apologies to the Animals
Sung to the tune of the "House of the Rising Sun"

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
  Can’t miss the cocktail party,
So lets have one for you.

There is a place in Jacksonville,
  They call the Gator Bowl.
And it’s been the ruin of many a dog.
  It’s there they lost their souls.

My Daddy was a Gator, 
  My Mama she was too.
This is the land of Gator Tom,
  and also Gator Sue.

The Dawgs they come a barking,
  Their women swing and sway.
The Gators cruise in quietly,
  For they know the dogs are prey.

Oh, Gators tell your children,
  To wear the Orange & Blue.
For it is today in Jacksonville,
  The dogs will get their due.

There is a place in Jacksonville,
  They call the Gator Bowl.
And its been the rune of many a poor dog,
  And today we’ll add some more.

V A N D E R B I L T   1 9 1 4 - 2 0 0 5
Gator Tom & Gator Sue, Three games to go and we’re here for you.
It’s a long road to Atlanta,
It’s a long way to the Georgia Dome.
It’s a long road to Atlanta,
to get the S.E.C throne.

We got by the Georgia bulldogs, Farewell Tennessee Vols.
Yes It’s a long long road to Atlanta,
But Vandy’s just a stepping stone.

It’s a long road to Atlanta,
We’ve a long road to go.
We need some help from the ’old ball coach’,
Vandy’s just the first step.

For Gator fans everywhere,
Neither Fulmer or Richt will see Atlanta,
Cause the Gator Nations going there.

F L O R I D A   S T A T E

Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
You wouldn’t miss the Nole game so we’re here for you.

Bobby’s Song
Music by Jimmy Buffet Lyrics by GatorBob

Well the Gators and the Simi-noles are sitting here kinda glum, Neither had the season they wanted and were almost out of rum. So before we hit the ABC, let’s remember what we gatta do. Why don’t we screw FSU? Why don’t we screw FSU? Old Bobbys’ on life support and his son is brain dead too. They say he snorts formaldehyde. Tell me Bobby, can that be true? But the way you look, I guess that’s what you do. Well Bobby you know that is true. Why don't we screw FSU? I just bought a pre-paid plot, It's just right for you know who. They say he snorts formaldehyde, Well Bobby you know that's true. Why don’t we screw FSU? Well honey one more time. Why don’t we screw FSU?

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