C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r  G a t o r   N a t i o n ’s  2009   C h e e r s

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Charleston Southern - Troy - Tennessee - Arkansas - Georgia - Vanderbilt - FLA International - FSU

Charleston Southern

Watch the "Don GatorBob" on YouTube.
It's two-thouseand-nine We're back home at the Swamp And we're right where two-thousand-eighted ended... With conference and national crowns on our heads Those titles... they will be defended... Today's foe from Charleston Comes into the Swamp With no chance of winning this game Just a guaranteed payday and one other thing... The Buccaneers will go down in flames So kick back and tailgate And renew old acquaintances Eat well and let's drink a few brews And let's take a second, to remember out past and toast Gator Tome and gator Sue The season kicks off at aseven o'clock The rest of the world waits til later To kind out the score And learn what we know That '09 is the Year of the GATOR...

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.


Why do they come back?  
Those Boys from old Troy 
To do battle with the Orange and the Blue 
This one should be good…
For maybe a quarter,
Before the Gators beat the Trojans to stew. 

Trojan dreams of a victory are quite premature… In no time at all, they’ll be flaccid And the notion that they can hang with the champs, Hey Trojans... are you guys on acid?

So don’t be concerned if the Trojans appear ready, looking hard… rock-ribbed… standing tall… But the Gators will certainly have everything covered They’re playing our game with our ball

So wolf down some breakfast, have a sip of Champagne, raise a toast to Gator Tom and Gator Sue The follow us to the Swamp, and into the stands, where we’ll cheer on the orange and the blue

In hundred of games, I’ve cheered for the Gators For victory I know I have lust, But only today, for the first time in my life, Have I wished for a Trojan to bust.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
We hate the Vols just like you do. 

Lane Kiffen, he came in from Oakland
With hard luck tales of games he should have won
And Knoxville, Tennessee, they really did embrace him
Cause he said he’d do things differently 
than the way that they’d been done
But when he ran his mouth about the conference champion
He swallowed a bitter pill,  
And wound up another shameless shill… 

Urban Meyer, came to the Swamp from Utah
With a better organization
And a brand new focus on winning
They said his system would never work, 
but he gave Gator Nation a thrill
He beat teams by im pos ing his will

Kiffen and the Vols, 
it's a crying shame
You'd think they might've been happy 
with some glory and some fame
But fame don’t take away those losses, 
Defeat left him unfulfilled
He wound up becoming Swamp roadkill…

Someday Lane Kiffen just won’t handle it well
He’ll tire of Urban kicking his a$$, or maybe he just won't tell
But when they run poor old Lane Kiffen
Out of a job up in Knox ville
He ended up as just more Swamp roadkill…

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

My daddy gave me advice
That I've carried all my life
He said "son when you go to a gunfight
Don't show up with only a knife

The Arkansas bacon backs
Have shown up for a fight
But it's homecoming day for the Gators
So Urban Meyer will shut out the lights

With 90 thousand faithful
Decked out in Orange & Blue
And of course the spirits of our departed
Gator Tom and Gator Sue

After whipping Auburn just last week
Pork Bellies are at a season high
But the market's about to fluctuate
Sell pork bellies, don't buy

Yeah my daddy gave me some advice
That I've kept true to all of my life
When you show up at a gunfight son
Don't show up with only a knife

Now Arkansas never got that advice
So should they go to the slammer?
The Hogs showed up to the Swamp with a Mallett
But the Gators showed up with a hammer... 

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

For 26 years Hershel Walker was the man
With 49 touchdowns all rushing…
But now Tim Tebow carries the ball
Hershel -- your record is ready for flushing

How appropriate we’re back here in Jacksonville
Where the cocktail party is always a zoo
And 40,000 Gator and 40,000 Dawgs
Join in chorus with Gator Tom & Gator Sue

When Tim bowls over the goal line 
For rushing touchdown number 50 
The ref’s arms raise up high in the air… 
Six more points for UF, very nifty

For the 17th time in the last 20 years
The pain is coming I’m not lying
For the Gators it’s another Eastern Division crown
For the Dawgs, it’s all over but the crying

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

So now it’s November and out come the haters 
Who want anyone to win, 
just not the Gators…
Talking heads bluster about who’ll play for the crown
“Alabama looks good” they say “and Austin’s a cool town”

“Cincinnati’s unbeaten and so’s Boise State
Georgia Tech’s playing good ball and Oregon’s great”
“But Florida,” they say, “is quite overrated”
Defending national champions
Not respected, just hated. 

“Can’t pass any more, all Gators do is run 
Wait till they meet Bama, they’ll end Florida’s fun”
These guys are on TV, they must be on track
Yeah, they’re same guys who told us weeks ago 
“The “U” is back!”

We’ve heard this before, this ain’t nothing new
People been down on the Gators 
Since the days of Gator Tom & Gator Sue

So week after week, the haters get antsy
And the Gators keep winning, so sweet, nothing fancy
The nation’s best win streak, 18 in a row
Can Vanderbilt end it, No I don’t think so…

So lock down the border and circle the wagons
Gator Nation’s about to go slay us some dragons
Give Tebow the ball and the records keep fallin’
The Gators keep winning 
And the haters keep ‘bawlin’”

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Somebody asked me “hey man who we playing”
So I looked at the schedule and it said FIU,  
“They ain’t got a chance… you hear what I’m saying”
“I hear you my brother, what you’re saying is true” 

Now I don’t know much about today’s opponent 
They’re the Panthers and they come from down there
But they’re gonna run into a surly component
What you find in the Swamp, a Gator’s lair 

So get ready for holidays, thanksgiving and shopping
Followed by Christmas and bowl games too
And ‘cause this is a noon game, we’ll do some bar hopping
And well have a nip here to toast Gator Tom & Gator Sue 

F-I-U scheduled this game for a holiday payday
Their hides better be tough like beef jerky
Cause they’re facing a team in the midst of its heyday
At Thanksgiving the Panthers are just so much turkey

The season’s been building and we’ve met every challenge
The record is now 20 straight
Make it 21 in a row, FIU’s just a tune up
Next week’s Tebow’s final against Florida State

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.


Let’s now reflect upon our past
And give those Gators their due
Remember poker games with Gator Tom
Birthdays with Gator Sue

And so it goes and we all know
A Gator in our past
Whose time has come and time has gone
It happens much too fast

To the many Gators we have loved 
and some that I don’t know
Gator moms and Gator dads 
and a Gator known as Show

Twelve weeks ago I told you here
On a hot day in September 
And now we’re here 11 wins later
so late, late in November

I said two thousand nine would be 
THE Year of the Gator
Eleven up… eleven down
And life keeps getting greater

Today is special in case you know
It’s Tebow’s last home game… 
And FSU is in the Swamp
A team that is so lame

Not much to say about the Noles
They always suck you know
And when we’re done we’ll win this game
Number twenty-two in a row

The mighty Noles come here from Doak
Their football program is broken
I hope they know their team’s a joke
And Bobby’s getting voted off – the tribe has spoken

The Noles are just an afterthought
To win this game’s a dream
But the Gators are going to Atlanta
Number one, with a full head of steam

FSU can’t win this game, 
The Noles are six and five
And they’re playing in the Swamp bay-bee, 
(Say it with me) “where only Gators get out alive!!!”

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.