C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r  G a t o r   N a t i o n ’s  2010   C h e e r s

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Miami of Ohio - USF - Kentucky - LSU - Mississippi State - Georgia - South Carolina - Appalachian State


Gator Tom,
Gator Sue…
oh me oh my oh...
Gators gotta go beat the Redhawks from Ohio
My QB John, the chosen wahn…
oh me oh my oh
Son of a gun, he'll have big fun
Whip Miami Ohio
Jeff Demps go, Brantley throw, the swamp be buzzin'
Kinfolk come… to see points scored… by the dozen
Defense play…
Kick your “A”
oh me oh my oh. Son of a gun, we'll have big fun
Whip Miami Ohio
World think the Gators stink
oh me oh my oh
Just because we ain’t got...
no Timmy Tebow
We gonna pass... have last laugh
oh me oh my oh
Son of a gun, we have big fun
Whip Miami Ohio
Two thousand ten we’re back again
oh me oh my oh.
And then at noon we’re gonna see mas mi amigos.
Run the ball, coaching call, say Urban My-o,
Son of a gun, win number one
Whip Miami Ohio
We in the Swamp... we gonna stomp
oh me oh my oh
When we get done... Gators won
Redhawks get zero
We celebrate
at tailgate
We drink a beer-o
Son of a gun, win number one
Whip Miami Ohio

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.


Gator Tom and Gator Sue
As you look down from Heaven
We take this time to remember you
And a moment of silence for the victims of 9-11

Our gators host South Florida's Bulls
Are these Bulls ready to be a player?
They've beaten Auburn and whipped FSU
But they ain't played the Gators

Bulls are an up-and-coming team
Out looking for respect
They've knocked off one of the state's big three
But here's their big defect:

They once were ranked at #2
(Ironic, don't you think...)
But fame is fleeting and unforgiving
It was gone in just a wink

They may be ready and may be primed
They crave that one big hit...
But it ain't gonna happen...
for these young Bulls
Beating Florida is just Bull $hit

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Two teams in the Swamp, 
the Gators and Kentucky Both undefeated, 
but one of them lucky.

The Cats are unbeaten, 
about that I can't lie, 
But their state abbreviation, 
is a simply K-Y...

(hold that thought... more about that later.)

At home in the Swamp, 
all hot, wet and mucky 
A Gator environment, 
a nightmare for Kentucky

A big upset special, 
Mark May are you kidding?
The Cats' 3-game win streak, 
to an end will be skidding.

Because three games in a season, 
well hellS that ain't nothing
For 23 years in a row, 
the Gators have knocked out Cats' stuffing.

These Cat's will fight hard, 
as they do every year, 
But eventually get bounced, 
and knocked on their rear.

The Gators will win, 
you can watch on the telly 
And will take plain ol KYS, 
and make KY Jelly.

Gator Tom, Gator Sue, 
will say and I believe 
When teams play in the Swamp, ...
two teams enter, but only one team leaves.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

I'm Pissed Off! And I Don't Know Who To Smack

Come here Kitty Kitty
Go'ng kick some Tiger Ass
We know those Gators can do it
All they gotta do is put their minds to it

I'm Pissed Off! And I don't know what to do
Talk to me Gator Tom
Gimme a Word now Gator Sue
They tell me our Gators can do it
All they gotta do is put their minds to it

No I'm Itching! And I don't know where to scratch
It's game time at the Swamp now
No time to talk no trash...

I'm Pissed Off! And I don't know what to say
Last week is ancient history
And we live to fight another day

I'm Pissed Off! And I know what to do
I might be bruised & battered
But gonna take it out on LSU
Cause, I know those Gators cand do it
And we're gonna go out now and prove it

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Mississippi State
Gator Tome & Gator Sue
I'm Still Pissed off
and I know you are too.

First came the road loss
Then loss number 2
I could handle the Bama Game
But not LSU.

So now for the first time
Since I can remember
We're out of the top 10
Heading into November.

Tonite mighty Gators
Face off Mississippi State
A team on the rise
Call them good, but not great.

A homecoming weekend
For Gator Grads in the Swamp
And Homecoming for Coach Mullen
Who's hoping to romp.

But Bulldog Coach Mullen
Left Us & went away
And now he returns
To darken our day.

Our offense is battered
Our linemen are hurtin'
And suddenly victory
Does not seem quite so certain.

But Urban will end this
This feeling ain't great
Gators Romp Florida Field
And Crush Mississppi State.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Gator Tom & Gator Sue and All Old Gators There With You.
We've heard you grimace & seen you scowl,
at Dogs that are here to bark and howl.
At the end of the day its Dogs on a Bun.

Like a Croc - Bob Bishop & Bob Seger

Swam there boldly, doing the Gator Chomp,
Felt like a million, let's find some Dog's to Stomp.
The end of October, another Gator Romp.
Like a Croc.

I was in college, went to all the games,
Working for tickets, all at home and some away.
I was lean and mean, no one dared get in my way.
Like a Croc.

My cruise was steady, my teeth were sharp and clean.
I swam with purpose, my tail was long & green,
And I am guilty of Dogs no longer seen.
Like a Croc.

Like a Croc, I was strong as I could be,
Like a Croc, no Dog ever got to me,
Like a Croc, I'm a Gator wild & free.
Like a Croc.

In the Swamp I swam so straight,
Way ahead of GatorBait.
And all these pretenders with their dreams.
I stood proud & I stood tall,
in the Swamp above it all.
I still revelled with my team.

Been 29 years since Lindsay made his run,
The last 20 years have been a lot more fun.
29 years some memories cause a tear,
But many more will make us stand & cheer.

And sometimes in the night,
Eyes of fire in the Swamp light.
I think of Gator victories in the Fall,
And I recall, I recall.

Like a Croc charging on the Jumbo Tron,
Like a Croc, cruisin' till the Dogs are gone.
Like a Croc, Gators sing a victory song,
Like a Croc.

Like a Croc, I like the sun upon my skin,
Like a Croc, Dog meat tastes so good again.
Like a Croc, I'll come back here till I die,
Like a Croc.

Bull Gators Eat Bull Dogs

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Gator Sue & Gator Tom… Tonight’s the night we drop the bomb

Steve Spurrier returns home to the Swamp 
To reclaim his former glory
But his old team stands in the way 
Oh man, is this a story… 

The fighting Gamecocks started well 
But then their fortunes fell
And now they play here in the Swamp
They’ve died and gone to hell

They started strong but hit the skids
Carolina’s out of luck
And when the game is done they’ll say
“Oh man… did these Cocks suck”

The stadium hue, decked out in blue
The Mighty Gators rock
A hostile crowd is yelling loud
“C’mon, let’s beat these Cocks”

The crowd will gasp at such a sight
Ninety thousand are in shock
They’ve never seen a team like this…
Such little bitty Cocks…

Jeff Demps runs right and Brantley passes…
It’s Burton up the middle 
But Carolina won’t stop the Gators
Because these Cocks… they’re little!

And on this night the teams will battle
To earn the Eastern Crown
And to the winner goes the title
And a game in Hotlanta town	

So bring your little tiny spurs…  
Play loose and not high-strung
To win in Gainesville if you’re a Cock…  
You better damn well be hung

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.


As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.