C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r  G a t o r   N a t i o n ’s  2011   C h e e r s

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FAU - UAB - Tenn - Alabama - Georgia - Vanderbilt - Furman - FSU

The Indepentdent Florida Alligator - One Man's Gator Tailgating Tradition


Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
Much has changed 
in the last 10 months
Since we raised a toast to you

As we start a brand new season
Our exhortation is “Urban Who?”
It’s clear BIG changes have occurred 
In the land of the Orange & Blue

No I’m not talking about the Swamp 
Still steamy, hot and damp
I’m talking about hometown boy 
Whose name is Will Muschamp

A plucky kid whose made the rounds
At schools in the SEC
Played walk-on ball at some southern school
Whose helmets sport an ugly “G”

With coaching stops at Auburn, 
Miami Dolphins and LSU
He was the coach-in-waiting at 
The mighty Texas U

An in-state team has come to town
The Florida Atlantic Golden Owls
They’re way outclassed 
I hope they brought 
Plenty of golden crying towels

The last time FAU showed up
The final score was moot
Whenever Owls come to the Swamp
Nobody gives a hoot

The Swamp will rock
Our crowd will roar 
The sound becomes a din
As our new coach unveils at last
His mighty Will to win

Watch Gator touchdowns left and right
We never get our fill
So look out opponents
You’ve just been warned
The Gators… impose… their Will…

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.


Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
We lift our gourds in salute to you.

We are back at home,
It is now week two,
And we face,
Alabama who?

It is not the Tide,
We get them later,
It is Birmingham's own,
U-A-B Blazers.

Now the last time we saw the U-A-B,
Ron Zook beat them 51 - 3,
Can not tell you much about this team,
A 4 - 8 record, god & green.

They are from the South,
So they won't be meltin',
It helps that they are coached by,
Ex-Gator Kim Helton.

The Mighty Gators will win this game,
Against a team that comes up lame,
So do not get excited about UAB,
Our final tune-up before beating Tennessee.  

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

To Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
And my pal Henry, who¹s now joined you
I know you¹ll meet him sooner or later,
Treat him kindly, he wasn¹t a hater.

Along about nineteen and eighty-five
The Gators took the Vols down right in stride.
Out of the rankings Vols fell with a thud,
Gators built a dam on that that Tennessee floodS.

And in the 1990s Super Steve came home,
And Majors and Fulmer were left all alone.
For four straight years, the Vols chewed their cud,
While Wuerffle outplayed that Tennessee dud.

For much of the 90s, Vols banged on the door,
But even mighty Peyton went oh-for-four.
Gator¹s dominated, Rocky Top flubbed,
 No such thing as a Tennessee stud.

And in 99 Vols came back to town,
Vol Tee Martin met Gator Alex Brown.
Brown played with vengeance, out for blood,
Another big lossS another Tennessee dud.

And here we are now at Game number three,
Our traditional ass whipping of Tennessee.
Swamp¹s hot and nasty Swamps are full of mud,
Ain¹t no escape Vols got no stud.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Gator Tom and Gator Sue, We make this toast to remember you

We’ve heard them yelling whammer-jammer
What’s that you say ‘bout yella hammer
Mostly gibberish they always stammer
‘Cause nothing rhymes with Alabammer

They won it all back in 09
Picked to repeat, yes they were primed
They had the team, had all the hosses
But guess what bammers? You had three losses

Not champs but foourth place was your share
What’s that mumbling about some old Bear?
When I think of Bama I’ll tell ya what… 
Ya bore me to death, so please shut the… up. 

We must show up, we Gator fans
Let’s crowd the aisles and Rock the stands
Cheer OUR team on, scream Gators go… 
Like me, Gator Bob and Natalie Romano

Bad Boys West meets Bad Boys East
A clash of titans, a clash of beasts
Bama’s quick but Florida’s faster
Tonight the student defeats the master

Big and physical and mighty strong
I’ve give you that you can’t go wrong
But listen to my Gator creed
You can coach strong, but can’t coach speed…

Bama’s great or so we’re told… 
You know, this “Bama” stuff sure gets old
It’s time for the elephant to collapse and fold
‘Cause in our Swamp… the Tide gets rolled…

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Calling All Gators (Bob Bishop)

Gator Tom & Gator Sue,
You loathe the Dogs & we do too.
Who would have thought at the start of the year,
A return of John Brantley would raise up a cheer?

Could you imagine Chris Rainey would tank,
As Auburn game that shoulda' been in the bank.
Will Muschamp is cussin' when he should be a coaching,
Charlie Weiss only looks hungry when dinners appraching.

Whatever happened to Forida Pride?
Are we to scared to play so we just run and hide?

No, said the fans we've come here to suck it up and play,
With two weeks off we've had plenty of rest,
Gator's Tom and Sue are here with the Flask that's the best.

Gator TOny and I can't do no mo',
so for God's sake Gators lets get up and go.

----Tony Burke ----

For those who remember
Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
They hated the Bulldogs 
Even more than we do. 

Coach Richt’s on the hot seat or so I am told
He can’t beat the Gators, his teams always fold
Now it’s not all his fault, don’t blame all on Coach Mark
Before it was Donnen and Goff with no spark.

The Dawgs will be favored, we’ve seen that before too
But they’ll end up losing to the Orange and the Blue
Because on the field they wear red and black
But the Gators wreak havoc from inside their hats.

Our Coach is Will Muschamp, a Bulldog alum
Who came home to the Gators, that boy… he ain’t dumb
Did four years in Athens leave his mind unaffected?
We’ll know, when he pulls out a win, as expected. 

With 18 Dawg losses in the last 21 
The wins against Georgia are always such fun 
So welcome you Dawg fans and especially coach Richt
To Jacksonville, Florida, where your asses get kicked.

And after the game, dogs retreat in the night
Licking their… wounds, because they lost one more fight
When the clock hits all zeros and the game is all though
It’s Gator win 19 of the last twenty-two.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

As Gator woes mount it surely is handy
To face an opponent as crappy as Vandy
The Gators have won the last 20 games straight
Against Vanderbilt, a team nobody hates

Vandy for homecoming -- the reasons are many
‘Cause this is a team that we’ve beaten a-plenty
The Dores are the team that we most like to host
Because when playing the Gators, the score’s never close

All we must do is hold onto the ball
No stupid penalties, no more false start calls
And if our offensive line can manage to block
Then maybe the offense can finally rock

With just one winning season since 1982
The Dores can’t compete against the Orange and the Blue.
So welcome alumni and fans old and new
And a tip of the flask for Gator Tom and Gator Sue

This won’t be a year that we long celebrate
Too many losses, the team didn’t play great
But the wins will return, maybe sooner than later
Because in the end it’s still… 
great… to be… a Florida Gator

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

As always, this toast
For Gator Tom and Gator Sue
And for those about to tailgate
I surely salute you

Glad you showed up today
‘Cause this one’s for fun
for 60 more minutes
We’re back to number one

How our opponents get picked
I don’t understand
Why do we play Furman
Instead of canned ham?

So we’ll play the Paladins
The mystery unravels
And the outcome will be
We’ll have fun and they’ll travel…

We’ll pad all our stats 
Work out our frustrations
And for one glorious hour, 
Evoke memories for Gator nation

So empty the bench
Everyone gets to play
Nobody gets hurt
A win and a great day

We’ll phone this one in
Take everything in stride
Because this time next week
We’re playing for pride

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

FSU's gonna bring their fans
All cocky and full of spunk
And do that stupid hand thing they do
And make that sound like drunks

Now I'm not gonna stand here and lament
How sorry our season has gone
Blown calls and injuries and too many losses
Stupid penalties on 3rd and long

I racked my brain and wondered
What in the hell can we do
A vision came to me from Gators Tom & Sue
And this is what they told me to do...

With apologies to Al Pacino...

I don't know what to say really,
Two hours until the final home game of the 2011 season
All comes down today.....
Either we get behind our team or we're gonna crumble
Bit by bit, play by till we're finished

We're in hell right now tailgators
Believe me
And we can stay here and let FSU kick the shit out of us
Or we can fight our way back
Back to Respect
We climb out of hell
One decibel at a time
Now I can't do it for ya
I'm just one man and I'm too old.

I look around and I see there young faces and I think
I mean, when you get old in life, you start losing stuff
That's..that's...that's part of life
But you only learn that when you start losing games
You find out football is a game of inches
So is tailgating
Because in either venue...tailgating or football
The margin for error is so small...
I mean, one drink too late or too early
And you don't quite make it,
One toast slow or too fast
And you don't quite catch it
The enthusiasm we need to win is everywhere around us
They're in every drink before the game...Every minute....
every second.

At this tailgate we cheer for our team
At this tailgate we yell ourselves and everyone around
hourse for our team
We scream until we're woiceless for our team
Because we know when we add up all that karma
That's gonna make the freakin' difference between winnin'
and losing'
Between living and dying.

I'll tell you this, with any fan base, it's the fan who's
willing to scream who's gonna nail that karma

And I know, if I'm gonna walk out of my stadium with my
head held high, it's because I'm still willing to scream and 
drown out the other team's signals for my team.
Because that's what being a Gator is... it's the game in front of your face
Now I can't make you do it
You gotta look at the person next to you, look into their eyes
Now I think you're gonna see a person who will go that route with you
You're gonna see someone who will sacrifice their voice
for this team because they know when it comes down to it,
you're gonna do the same.

That's a Gator fan ladies & gentlemen
Either we get behind our team...
At this tailgate...
Or we will die with the sound of "warchant" ringing in our ears...
That's tailgating guys
That's alll it is...

Now...what are you gonna do?

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.