C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r  G a t o r   N a t i o n ’s  2012   C h e e r s

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Bowling Green - Kentucky - LSU - South Carolina - Georgia - Missouri - Louisiana - Jacksonville State

The Indepentdent Florida Alligator - One Man's Gator Tailgating Tradition

Bowling Green Falcons

It is Coach Boom’s second year
As head man of the Orange & Blue
So let’s get on with it tailgators,
And raise this toast for Gator Tom & Gator Sue…
The Falc’s are here because they cut a deal
With our former coach for a payday steal
But before appearing on our green lawn
They’ll find Urban Meyer is… long, long gone
I said …Loooong goooone
He left his home in Gainesville
A look-a-here what he got
a team that the Gators just boar hogged
A championship? Not a shot!
Coach Meyer be …Loooong goooone
Ain’t we lucky?
…Loooong goooone
From Kentucky
…Loooong goooone
What I mean?
A long gone coach from a Bowling Green
I’ll give you some extra pointers
If ya’ll can identify some of these puns
Serious inquiries only please
I don’t want no Defiant Ones…
Falcons well they’re in trouble
Without no familiar faces
The Falcons be holding ‘deuces…
The Gators be holding aces
And if the Falcons don’t die and wither
On the green, green Florida grass
I’m sending down Gator Bob with a gun
He’ll bust a cap in they sorry ass…
Now I wish I could get excited
About whippin on the Bowlin Green
But who the hell gets excited
About a long gone sewing machine
I said… Loooong goooone
Sewing Machine!!!
Loooong goooone
I said Bowling Green…
… Bowling Gree-en…
Sewing Machine!!!

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Kentucky Wildcats

To Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
Anther Wildcat whipping and we'll whip'em for you.
Welcome Gators to a tune up game,
Still an SEC contest no matter how lame.

The mildcats are here, like every other year,
So timid, so darn shy; and so full of fear.
Last week they felt lucky,
For it was just Western Kentucky,
But it wasn't Western Ketucky that ended up sucky.

I remember the last time, the Cats gave us fits,
A cold blustery day back in Novermber 86'.
Most of you Gators wern't alive back then,
Their last celebration in old Lexington.
The Cats came close in 93',
But "Doerings got a touchdown" became Gator victory.

25 years in a row, a divison one streak,
Easy to maintain over a program so weak.
We've got a QB and that's a fact,
Jeff Driscolls' the man, we've all got his back.

Gator defense is good, as is usually the case,
but Brent Pease is why were off to the races.
I feel something special about these Oh 12 Gators,
their time has come, its' now not later.

Gators Growl, Cats meow.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

LSU Tigers
The toast is going to be in two parts…
Part one, is a memorial for one of our former tail-gators whose 
time on earth was all too brief. It is very, very difficult to memorialize a life cut short…  
For the memorial, I will ask everybody to please join hands as a symbol of strength and unity. 
I will recite the memorial and on the final stanza I will raise both of my hands, 
I want you also to raise your clasped hands together and at the finish, release to the sky…   
Here is the memorial toast: 
Always Orange and Always Blue
Always Gator, through and through
With Gator Tom and Gator Sue
And now Danielle… we miss you
I regret sad news I’m here to tell
The tragic death of our Danielle
A gentle soul who died in vain
By one she trusted she was slain
Each game I stand here before you
And remember Gators Tom and Sue
We take these moments, accept these parts
To recall passed Gators in our hearts
Fallen Gators whose spirits freed 
Now live within our memories
In private moments we still cry
For Gator loved ones who have died
But life’s not fair and life’s not kind
And Gators pass before their time 
While earthly ties must all be severed
Though Gators die…
Gator Nation lives Forever
Now here is the regular Toast
Always Orange and Always Blue
Gator Tom and Gator Sue
Always faithful, always true
Gators always beat LSU
Always Orange and Always Blue
A rude awakening for LSU
Always Gator, through and through
Tigers become yesterday’s news
It’s Twenty-Twelve and here’s the story
Florida Gators return to glory
The nightmare’s done, the drought is ended 
The mighty Swamp will be defended
But in the way stands LSU 
Worthy challengers for the blue
A team from Seck Division west 
These Tigers claim that they’re the best
But LSU has not been tested
And face a Gator team that’s rested
But by the time the sun has set
The Tigers will have their regret
So let’s not fret… the trap is set
The Tiger’s ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Muschamp’s Gators are set to go
Catch a Tiger by the toe…
By tonight we’ll lay to rest
The notion that the west is best
A Tiger loss we must believe
‘Cause in the Swamp… 
Two teams enter, But one team leaves

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

South Carolina Gamecocks
Always Orange, Always Blue, 
Gator Tom and Gator Sue
Always faithful, always true
Not forgotten, we miss you

The biggest game of the year
Is right here in the Swamp
Welcome home Coach Spurrier
Where your title hopes get chomped!

At six-and-one the Cocks are proud 
But the Gators are not dead
‘Cause fans at Florida Field get LOUD
These Cocks never get a-head

We’ll make noise, and drown them out
Make the Swamp resound and rock… 
And when Carolina takes the field
We’ll giggle at those little Cocks… 

They lost last week to LSU
A game that wasn’t pretty
It makes me wonder: what kind of Cock
Wilts before a kitty? 

I can commiserate with them
That LSU loss strung
But maybe the Cocks could have… pulled it out
If they were better hung

We know the Cocks are really fast 
But Gators are much quicker
And comparably they’ll perform 
Like Cocks after too much liquor

They’ll try and try, but get nowhere
Their tears will flow like Niagara
These Cocks will find they can’t get up.
Not even with Viagra

And as Carolina leaves the field 
Just before they hit the door
They’ll turn and offer up the line
(say it with me girls…)
“It’s never happened before”

In the end the world will know
Carolina is victim du jour
And claims of greater Gamecock glory
from these Cocks… is premature

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Always Orange, Always Blue
Gator Tom and Gator SUe
Always faithful always true
Not forgotten, we miss you

Last year the damn Georgia Bulldogs
Stole the Eastern Division crown
But that was last year, this year guess what?
There's a new Gator team come to town

Now we'uns just do not cotton to
This status with the red and the black
So our Gators have come back to Jacksonville
Gonna take that division crown back

The Dawgs will undoubtedly remind us
How they've won one game in a row
So I'll smile and I'll nod and I'll think to myself
There's something those Dawgs need to know

The Dawgs were the preseason favorites
With the easiest schedule they've had
They don't play Alabama, don't play LSU
"Look at us, "ol Hairy, we're bad!"

But the Dawgs they don't have any Hershel's
Ain't no Lindsey and no Buck Belue
But on our side we got a guy name Will Muschamp
Getting ready to stick it to you

I think the Dawgs took for granted
That the Gators were there to be had
But when you're playing with our ball in our town
Your ass better by God be bad

So Dawg you will learn a lesson
And in doing so you will fail your test
When you mess around with the Gator Boys
You'll crash and burn just like all the rest

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Missouri Tigers
Always Orange, Always Blue
Gator Tom and Gator Sue
Always Faithful, Always True
Not forgotten, we miss you

Coming off a loss I tend to worry
Until I heard we’re playing Missouri
A team with a Big 12 pedigree
Who traded up to the SEC

I wondered why they played that hand
And jump into the fire from the frying pan
By playing each week in the S-E-C
At least they get seen on TV

These Mizzou Tigers they just got lucky
Got their first SEC win over Kentucky
At four-and-four they’re ripe to stomp
That’s a proper welcoming to the Swamp

Now that tiger mascot thing is quite confusin’
Since three west teams that name are usin’
While tiger stripes may look real pretty
To Gators jaws they taste like kitty

With only one SEC win
Don’t try to tell me Mizzou can win
A Mizzou win… that just won’t fly
‘Cause the Swamp’s where Tigers go to die

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Louisiana-Laff University
My Apologies to the Fab 4

He come out Flat First Quarter, come groovin' up slowly
He got orange helmet, he no simenoler
He got dreds, down, to his knees
Got to be a Gator, he just do what he please.

Shew, Shew, Shew, Shew

He got no envy cause he got Gotor Football.
He got Rajun Cajuns, two weeks to seminolers;
He say, you know me, and I know you.
and Jesus we are grateful we weren't born FSU
Come together right now over me.

Shew, Shew, Shew, Shew

He bag the Bengals he got S.C. Gamecock.
He got Texas Collie, He got Knoxville hound dog.
He say, games we got left add up to three;
With a little good luck we can be S.E.C.
Come together right now, cheer with me.

Shew, Shew, Shew, Shew

2nd One - Come Together

Gator Day, all my Gators have come here today
We've all come to see the Gators play
Ho, I believe in Gator Day.

Suddenly, we are twice the team we're supposed to be
There's a rainbow hanging over me.
Oh Gator Day came suddenly.

Why Urban had to go, I don't know, he wouldn't say.
I think he liked his meds to much just as well he's yesterday. 
Ay Ay Ay.

Gator Day, Footballs such an easy game to play
Now the Swamps a happy place today,
We all believe in Gator Day.

Weiss he had to go I don't know he wouldn't say.
Could it be , too fat, to run on the field,
So Charlie Weiss has gone away, ay ay.

Gator Day all by Gators have come here today,
We've all come to see the Gators Play.
Oh, we all beieve in Gator Day.
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Jacksonville State University Gamecocks
Always Orange, always Blue
Gator Tom and Gator Sue,
Always faithful, always true
Not forgotten, we miss you 

It’s our last home game so don’t be late
We’re playing Alabama’s Jacksonville State
I’d like to say that a win is a lock
But first I want to see if our line will block 

It’s Jacksonville State so what can I say? 
They’re only here for a big payday
What made them think they could play in the Swamp
And get out of here without their ass getting whomped 

What else about them is there that I can mock?
Well they call themselves the Gamecocks....
So any hope of an upset is a serious malfunction
Because these Cocks suffer from a Reptile Dsyfunction.

I ain’t being mean so don’t feel slighted But ‘Cocks like these don’t get anybody excited If they score on our defense then that’ll be luck Because from what I’ve read these cocks suck… I’m calling this a win, it’s in the books It’s all but over, they’re plucked and cooked In about an hour I’ll say see you later I’ll see you next year my tail-Gators

So two-thousand–twelve has sure been fun When we play FSU we’ll be ten and one. A win against the Noles would sure been keen Because we’re going undefeated in two-thousand-thirteen

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.