C l i c k   for   H  O  M  E  P  A  G  E

O u r  G a t o r   N a t i o n ’s  2013   C h e e r s

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Toledo - Tennessee - Arkansas - Georgia - Vanderbilt - Georgia Southern - Florida State

The Indepentdent Florida Alligator - One Man's Gator Tailgating Tradition

Toldeo Rockets

Here they come 
with hands in pockets
Ohio boys,
Toldeo Rockets
Toledo plays in the Mid-American
And comes down here like a good Samaritan
Let’s give them a great big Gator Greeting
And then commence to a full out beating… 
Their colors are midnight blue and gold
And beating Mid-majors never gets old
Nick Saban coached there for just one year   
That’s reason enough for us to beat them here 
Toledo’s home stadium is called the Glass Bowl
Appropriate enough for (you know what’s coming!! Say it with me) 
Ohio A$$ ho…s 
Will they look around, these Toledo Rockets
Will their disbelieving eyes pop out of their sockets
Thirty-seven thousand is their biggest home crowd
What will they do when the Swamp gets loud
A home crowd numbering thirty-seven K
I’ve seen that many for the Nose Bowl…
…on a rainy day… 
They packed their bags 
last night Pre-FIGHT!
Zero Hour, about an hour from now
And they’re gonna go bye… bye… bye… 
When the Gators go pow… 
And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
Till Toledo scores a touchdown only then to find
We’re not the team they like to play at home
Oh no no no… they’re just rocket men 
Rocket men… burning out their fuses down here alone
So If you get frustrated just yell Holy Toledo 
And Gator Bob’ll strip down to a leopard-skin Speedo
And lest we forget, it's all about remembrance... 

Always Orange, Always Blue 
Gator Tom, Gator Sue
Always Faithful, Always true, 
Not forgotten, we miss you. 

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Tennessee Vols

White pants and helmets with a traffic cone stain
Running into Swamp already feeling the pain
They’ve lost to the Gators for the last eight times
Course in about four hours that number’ll be… nine
Ever since Phil Fulmer got fired their shit ain’t been right
There was that whole Lane Kiffen experiment
And Derek Dooley’s orange britches were too bright
Blown off and pissed off like yesterday’s news…
It’s the Tennessee Blues
Rocky Top blasting from three sections over
Volunteer band annoying the Swamp like grass infested with clover
Today they’ll bear witness to another Vol loss
I wish somebody would tell their cheerleaders about dental floss…
You know I wrote Jeremy Foley about that crap band last spring
But I haven’t got a reply or a letter or heard anything
I’ll have to throw it back to Gator Tom and Gator Sue
To invoke the Tennessee Blues
U-T’s new coach, now he thinks he cool
He just got back from Oregon where his team got taken to school
They couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t stop the pass
Now they’re in Gainesville where we’re really gonna kick their ass…
The Knoxville media loves him but he don’t know
He’s busy rehearsing excuses for his post-game TV show
He’s playing the Gators, he knows he’s gonna lose
Tennessee Blues
Gator Coach Boom Muschamp, he’s been in a grumble
He’s still pissed off about those interceptions and fumbles
He figures his offense can run on the Vols
While Gator defense sets up like a big ol’ stone wall
I sit in the stands humming my Gator fight song 
And know pretty much how its going along… 
Gators will win, the Vols they will lose…
More of the same
Old Tennessee Blues

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Arkansas Razorbacks
Let me tell y’all a story bout Arkansas
A fairly good team with a fairly fatal flaw
Seems one day they was heading to the Swamp
And what do ya know they got their asses stomped
…Royally that is… 
…Gator style
To stay in the game the Hogs’ll need a spark
Try to forget your state’s a great big trailer park
Get their fans all yellin ‘wooo pig soeeeeeyyyyy’
And don’t realize, their diaper’s all are gooey… 
…Yeah... just what you think it is
… Oh smells bad too. 
Now people wonder what 
The Hogs are gonna do
The old Razorback 
Needs to find him something new
With eight straight Gator wins 
Since nineteen eighty-two
The Hogs haven’t won since 
They were coached by Lou
…Holtz that is… 
…Dr. Lou, before the lisp
Now the hogs started out 
A cool three and oh
But what do ya know, 
They’ve lost two in a row
When they clash with the Gators, 
We’ll cheer with mighty glee
And send ‘em back to Fayetteville with loss number three
…Whupped that is… 
…And traumatized
Gator Bob had a dream where he spoke to Gator Tom… 
Told him “Arkansas women all look like Honey Boo-Boo’s mom”
Gator Bob had a dream where he spoke to Gator Sue
She said “Arkansas women were as smart as Honey Boo-Boo”
…Not so bright… 
…When do we eat? 
A Gator-butchered hog, is always really fun,
We’ll serve up the pork on a pumpernickel bun
So what do ya do when you’re cooking up some pork
You check it now and then with a stainless steel fork
…Stick a fork in em baby… 
…Oh yeah, they’re done

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Georgia Bulldogs
Gator Tom told Bob to thank the Dawgs
For showing up again this year
He said it's time to reinstate
The Florida Gator Fear....

Jacksonville wouldn't feel right, added Gator Sue,
She said it wouldn't be the same
Kicking someone else asses besides Georgia U...

(Let's not forget Georgia 1992 was Sue's last game.)

The pundits said that this year's Dawgs were poised to be contenders
But with three losses on the ledger, they're just another pretender
Their dream of winning the Eastern crown just took a huge gameover tilt
When the Dawgies blew a double-digit lead
And lost to Vanderbilt.

Say it again... Dawgs lost to Vanderbilt

So now their hopes will rest upon beating a team in Orange & Blue
Don't get your hopes up too high Dawgs, the truth is we own you.
On Florida's schedule the Dawgs are just like Vandy and Kentucky
Automatic wins, except last year, when they just flat out got lucky

Anyone saying, I'd rather be lucky than good... ain't that good...

Now Dawgs been hard hit I know by the season ending injury
The Gators too have been hard hit, but will unleash their fury
To compensate for the lost teammates, the Dawgs may try to hurry
Good idea Dawgs, that just gives us,
More hits on Aaron Murray

You know... Dawggy style is no style at all...

You'rve tried it all, tried everything... to break the Gator curse...
Silver britches, black helmets, black jerseys & pants,
But it only just gets worse
Cause when you play the Gators, Dawgs, you face bigger, stronger, faster
And in the end we'll make you bow, before your ultimate Zen masters

I know it keeps Richt up at night, wondering what else can he do
Why can he ever find a way
To beat the Orange & Blue
And just before Dawgs fall asleep before dawns early light
In their bad drems they'll see us kick Dawg asses
into the cold... damp... Jacksonville night

"Cause you silver britches are our little bitches, GO Gators

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Vanderbilt Commodores
Always Orange, Always Blue
Gator Tome and Gator Sue
Always faithful, always true
Not forgotten, we miss you...

Homecoming game fine and dandy
Who we got? Good ol' Vandy....
Serve'em up, what's in store
Let's knock them down those Commodores

Conference game, we're playing Vandy
Right on time, sweet as candy
Kick's at noon... After that I think....
I'm going to Lillian's to have a drink

Easy win? Maybe not
Got to see just what we've got
Another player gone from hurt
Makes the coach just kick the dirt

"Man down, man up," the coaches say
"This is Florida, that's how we play."
Excuses here do not go far
Just plug in another 4-Star

Four and four we are today
How we got there, I can't say
Hasn't been very pretty
Makes me feel knid of $hitty

Vandy believes they have a chance
To kick the Gators in the pants
That won't happen don't you know
We've kicked them 22 in a row

But still this game could be sticky
Vanderbilt can be so tricky
End around.. flea-flicker pass
Gator can't run out of gas

In the end here's what we'll do
Run Kelvin Taylor straight at you
Mano a' mano, so shuck no jive
This is still the Swamp (Say it with me....)
Where only Gators get out alive.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Georgia Southern Something
Gator Tom & Gator Sue
We commemorate this toast to you.
And to all our Gators gone before 
Inside our hearts forevermore
That team you see a-coming toward ya
Is just another team from Georgia
They ain’t the Dawgs, they’re just the Eagles
Too bad for them, 
to us they’re beagles
They come to Gaineville, let off their tethers
They’ll go back home with ruffled feathers
They want to be like bracket busters
In truth, they’re only feather dusters
The team today is Georgia Southern
Coming here, they needed smotherin’
Into the Swamp they’ll try to sneak
And they’ll go home with broken beaks
They’ll run the ball those Blue and White
And face the stalwart Gator might
It don’t matter, left or right
Playing here wasn’t so bright
I’ve seen ‘em come here, like so many others
Reminds me of a song by the Allman Brothers
They’ll hate the outcome, they’ll hate the news
Here have some Orange… 
to go with those Statesboro Blues

(A thank you to Sir Paul McCartney)

When you are older and turning grey
Many years from now?

Will you look back on a simpler time
Birthday wishes, bottle of wine.

Will you remember old Gator Bob
Singing and telling bad jokes?

We had a good time; no one was
Even visiting Noles, often were glad.

But a wins what we need, in the Swamp, today.

A victory to knock on our door
So I think you still need me, 

and a victory still feeds me
Now that I'm Sixty-four.

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

Floida State Seminoles
As our Gator woes continue to mount
Players lost to injury, too many to count 
It’s been a rough year for the Orange & the Blue
Not a lotta happy for Gator Tom & Gator Sue
Cycle of life always goes round and round
Last year we’re up, this year we're way down
Been 34 years since we last felt this sting
But hey man that’s life, ain’t nothing but a thing
Shoulda seen it coming down there in Miami
Then state of Georgia gave it to us double whammy
Gamecocks, Commodores, and Mizzou too
We’re gonna need a miracle against F-S-U
So go on and rejoice every one of you haters
Kick us when we’re down, stick it to the Gators
We don’t need any pity, we’re way, way too proud         
We won’t go down quietly, we’re gonna be loud
Just know we’ll be back, when injuries heal
You’ll see Gator revenge, fighting with zeal
We’ll return where we were before fortunes fell
And put on YOUR ledger another big “L”
Mark my words we’ll be back, sooner than later
Put it on your calendars, here come the Gators
Right on schedule, and right on time
And suddenly YOUR world stops on a dime
You’ll hear as the clock goes tick-tick-tick-ticking
You’ll cringe when your team absorbs the ass kicking
I said we’ll be back, you hear me you haters?
And that foot in your ass… 
Will be attached to a Gator

As Always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator.